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My Skin is Not My Own

I will not fear. Fear is the mind killer.

Alatariel Táralóm
2 December

is Inter-House Relations.

I play Harry Potter and Padma Patil on Harry Potter and the Mask of the Red Death. I also play James Potter at Dark is Rising.

All the brushes I use in my icons comes from 100x100_brushes
acting, alizée, arrakis, atreides, ballet, beethoven, bridget jones, british accents, brushes, buffy, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, cate blanchett, chani, chapterhouse: dune, cheesy pop music, children of dune, chuck palahniuk, coldplay, creativity, dancing, dave gahan, david fincher, dawn mescher, depeche mode, draco malfoy, dumbledore, dune, dune messiah, duran duran, eddie izzard, edward norton, elijah wood, elizabeth i, fight club, fiona apple, fremen, frodo, getting my hobbit on, ghanima, ginny weasley, goblet of fire, god emperor of dune, gollum, gone with the wind, gregory goyle, guy pearce, guys with glasses, han solo, harry potter, heretics of dune, hermione granger, history, hobbits, hogwarts, icons, irulan, j k rowling, james marsters, james mcavoy, jawlines, jc chasez, jeff buckley, jk rowling, josh herdman, joshua herdman, kevin spacey, la confidential, leto ii, lord of the rings, macbeth, madonna, maggie estep, making icons, martin gore, memento, millenium falcon, monty python, movies, mp3s, muad'dib, music, neville longbottom, new york city, nsync, order of the phoenix, pervy hobbit fancier, photography, photoshop, prisoner of azkaban, quidditch, reading, remus lupin, ron weasley, run lola run, sarah michelle gellar, severus snape, shameless, shopping, short stories, singing, sirius black, six feet under, snape, song writing, spike, squishettes, star wars, state of play, tauntauns, unique facial features, vamp!willow, viggo mortensen, vocalists, wimbledon, wishverse!buffy, writing